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  • Words from LKNEA President::
    Erin Schalk
    Erin Schalk
    What is LKNEA?

    LKNEA is about students. Students are the primary reason for schools to exist. Therefore, LKNEA exists to promote student success.

    LKNEA is about professionalism. A school district is full of professionals who deserve to be treated fairly. LKNEA strives to provide a friendly and positive work environment.

    LKNEA is about thoughtful and reasonable politics. LKNEA and our parent organizations work to maintain equity in legislation for all students, schools and staff members.

    LKNEA is about having a voice. LKNEA provides a forum and opportunity for all education professionals to voice their opinions and concerns.
    LKNEA 2016 Events::
    A.  March 19, 2016 - Executive Board Meeting
    B.  March 14-18 Spring Elections
    C.  March 15, 2016- BRHS Site Visit
    D.  March 26, 2016- Kipnuk, Kong and Chefornak site visits
    E.  April 13, 2016- Napakiak site visit
    F.  April 16, 016- Executive Board Meeting
    G.  April 23, 2016- Mekoryuk site visit
    H.  May 7, 2016- Executive Board Meeting and Clean-Up Green-Up
    Join Us Today! Lower Kuskokwim NEA (LKNEA) 
    Why you should belong to the Lower Kuskokwim NEA (LKNEA).
    LKNEA is a stronger organization the more members we have! We work to establish and further, through united effort, the highest possible educational opportunity for Alaska's children.
    LKNEA is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Negotiated Agreement and in any grievances in keeping with the policies of
    LKNEA, advocate on behalf of bargaining unit members and the Association.
    LKNEA engages in collective bargaining and related activities as the bargaining agent for the certified personnel of the bargaining unit (certified employees of the Lower Kuskokwim School District, who are not administrators.)
    LKNEA gives careful consideration to professional education problems and policies.
    LKNEA promotes the enactment of laws for the protection and progress of education in Alaska.
    LKNEA advocates the interests of members and insures due process in all matters relating to employment.
    Here's how to become a member!
    To join LKNEA you must be employed by Lower Kuskokwim School District (both certified and classified employees can join)
    2. To join LKNEA you need to complete a new member application.
    (Available from your LKNEA Site Representative, or from the one of the officers of the LKNEA Executive Board.)
    Drop the president a note and request an application today.

    Fall Event Attendees