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  • Erin Schalk
      Erin Schalk - President
      Segue Grant - Vice President
      Dennis Cobos - Secretary
      I am responsible for Gladys Jung, ME, BABS and Ayaprun schools. I have been Area Director for 3 years. I am responsible for communicating with site reps in my area. I communicate needs from the LKNEA board to site reps, who then should share it with members. I am excited to be working with members and helping serve LKNEA. In the past I have attended several Delegate Assemblies at the state level and have worked to make sure the voice of rural educators are heard. I have also attended several Representative Assemblies at the National level. Working with national leaders on issues concerning education is exciting! I have attended several leadership trainings both at the state and national level. I have learned a lot about union issues and concerns.

    Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone.
      Barbara Mosier - Treasurer
      Treasurer since July 1, 2011.

    I love this job. I believe in a free public education for all students and I believe in excellence in the work place. As a new teacher I signed up for the association; as a second year member Barb Angaiak asked me to run for the treasurer position for LKNEA. I was the only nominee and I 'won'. I have been attending board meetings (volunteer basis) ever since. I have attended Delegate Assemblies many times, I have attended Representative Assembly five times. As well as taking part in board meetings, I also enjoy working the Camai concession stand, clean up green up, and other duties as requested . You will also see me at quilting events. I love to sew and I love swimming, hiking, backpacking, reading, skiing and any other outdoor activity. See you around on VTC for monthly meetings.

    Welcome to or welcome back to the association.
      Whitney Sauer - Area 1 Director
      Lynn Edwards - Area 2 Director
      Naomi Maxie - Area 3 Director
      Marty Smith - Area 4 Director
      Jeff Harris - Bargaining Chair
      Deb Hagedorn - Professional Excellence
      Samantha Jackson - Membership
      Jan Gable - Insurance
      Jacob Groll - Housing
      Marty Smith - Scholarship